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Custom-Built World Computer Systems

WholrthBUT.jpg (816 bytes) Computers Built Individually to YOUR Specifications    Whether you're looking for a no-frills workstation, home PC, network server or graphics gigantus, we will help you assess YOUR individual needs and build a computer that's just right for you!

WholrthBUT.jpg (816 bytes) The BEST in Components and Workmanship   One of the reasons we've been around and are staying around is that we use only the best in hardware and software for our customized computers. We represent the best in major brand hardware and peripherals such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Asus, Western Digital, Logitech, and much, much more. We don't skimp on components...we use the best in technology with your ultimate satisfaction in mind.

WholrthBUT.jpg (816 bytes) Built When YOU Want It    We don't stock rows and rows of identical systems so we can talk our customers into buying whatever is most useful for us to sell. Our computers are as individual as you are, and are built for you with your individual specifications!

WholrthBUT.jpg (816 bytes) Highly Competitive Pricing    Just give us a try and you'll see that we offer the best investment for your computer dollar! We're happy to give you a highly customized price for the exact system you need. Just call, fax or e-mail us and we'll be glad to show you the best value for computers around.

WholrthBUT.jpg (816 bytes) Support AFTER the Sale   Another reason World Computer has been in the business so long is that we treat our customers right after the sale too. No 800 number with 1/2-hour hold patterns, no take-a-number settings with under-trained staff. We're available to you whether your problem is big or small. We offer a minimum of one year warranty for all hardware we sell, and offer on-site & extended warranties as well as service contract options to ensure your continuing satisfaction.


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