Serving Your Computer Needs for Over 15 Years



Wholrthw.jpg (1746 bytes) Custom-Built PC's
World Computer has been building the best in custom PC's for over 15 years... find out for yourself!
Wholrthw.jpg (1746 bytes) Custom Laptops
We can help you choose your best portable solution from Palmtops to Laptops.


In-Home Training

We will come to YOUR home and start wherever you need to begin to make your computer work for YOU.

Wholrthw.jpg (1746 bytes) Hardware, Software & Peripherals
We offer only the best in brand names.  We'll help you select what works best for YOU.
Wholrthw.jpg (1746 bytes) Business Solutions
We'll help you take stock of your unique situation and make recommendations tailored just for you.


Wholrthw.jpg (1746 bytes) Upgrades
We'll help you analyze your system requirements and make recommendations for cost-effective upgrades.